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Angel In Reverse

by Ian Bland

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Ian Bland's second album, backed with an outstanding lineup of local and international musicians

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Jimmy O'Hare 05:34
jimmy o’hare it was blowing a gale, maria was alone at the store the neighbour's heard a noise, thought it's just the wind banging the door later that night they found maria dead on the floor a little money was gone - a robbery gone wrong trouble was never a stranger to jimmy o'hare he was hated by most of the town, but he didn't care the night maria was killed he vanished into thin air they tried to track him down - but he’d gone to ground and the rumours began chorus you see what you choose to see sometimes the truth is what you make it to be twist things round bit by bit you make the pieces fit jimmy’s girlfriend cried as she told how they'd had a fight they’d argued over money early on in the night jimmy took off swearing he would make things right turned his car around -- headed back to town two years on, the police, they’d run out of clues no-one was shy to say jimmy was the one they accused his mother couldn’t walk down the street without being abused packed her car one day - just drove away and she never returned when the rains hadn’t come, farmers didn’t bother to sow no-one remembered the river ever being as low some kids were swimming down by the old bridge road they saw a bumper bar - it was jimmy’s car when they hauled out the wreck they found jimmy’s remains the river had hidden him well, while they searched in vain his watch had stopped an hour before maria was slain he didn’t kill her they said cause jimmy he was already dead
bella and charlie bella first met charlie on a bus up to alice springs charlie had all these big ideas and bella, she had the wings he wrote her a poem on a serviette at a cheap roadside café when the bus rolled into the alice they were half a world away bella called up her parents arranged for her things to be sent her father said she was crazy she took that as a compliment they travelled all over the north end working every now and then bella said “charlie, we’ll never be rich” “but we might never be this happy again” picked grapes round margaret river cairns when the weather turned cold worked the fishing boats out of lincoln went searching for lassiter’s gold birdsville for the races though they had no money to bet charlie said “bella it’s a beautiful day” “i guess luck isn’t done with us yet” the last time anyone saw them they were working as crew on a yacht headed for the south pacific no-one knew how far they got till a postcard came of a sunset a star for every place they’d been said this picture was started by charlie and bella, she coloured it in i’ve never got around to counting the stars but i’ve seen enough to know there’s a lot i’m not really certain what love’s all about but i know enough to know what it’s not if a picture’s worth a thousand words they don’t all mean what they say you and me bella, can paint our own picture add a little every day
my father’s ashes i stood on the end of the pier with my father said “how bout a swim?” - he didn’t reply my sister suggested a little persuasion for once in his life, seemed unusually shy prodded and shook him, but nothing would move him i felt his delight at the trouble and strife the harder i pushed him the more he resisted he finally surrendered to a swiss army knife my fathers ashes scattered all around me all the world’s problems we solved in his kitchen the stories, some true, though most were made up he clung like a dog with a bone to his freedom and kept finding drops when he’d emptied his cup the twelve string guitar for my twenty first birthday the thousands of times he wound up in the rough the terrible jokes, with the forgotten endings when one was too many and ten not enough my father’s ashes are scattered all around me we stood on the end of the pier with our father each took a handful to cast on the breeze a westerly wind was waiting to claim him it suddenly swung round one eighty degrees he swirled and then hovered, what seemed like forever like the pause in a joke, before they sell you the line then swept through my hair, up my nose, in my eyes ran circles around us one final time my father’s ashes are scattered all around me the laughter, the love, the joys and the sadness ultimatums, the losses, the strains the fights and forgiveness, the walks and discussions sickness and strength and the odd growing pains the poems, the letters, advice and reflections the pleasure we found in cheap bottles of red the loyalty and patience, pig headed opinions the wisdom to know when enough had been said
the man they couldn't hang a policeman was murdered, the jury wasted no time the prisoner faced the judge and he bowed his head “i sentence you joseph samuels, for this terrible crime” “to be hung by the neck till you are dead” he cried out “i'm no murderer” “i didn't beat that man to death” “i swear to god, with my dying breath” he closed his eyes and began to pray the rope pulled tight, then the rope gave way the crowd was hushed for the man they couldn't hang a man called simmonds, shared joseph's cell he confessed one night he did the constable in but they swore an oath, swore they'd never tell said he'd see 500 hang to save his own skin now joseph lay there dazed as they dragged him from the ground held him till another rope was found then they hauled him high in the morning breeze the rope unravelled, he slid to his knees the crowd begged mercy for the man they couldn't hang they arrested simmonds, found blood on his clothes he was charged with murder along with joseph his friend but he convinced the jury, the blood came from his nose once you're acquitted, they can't try you again but they made him watch poor joseph as he dangled from that noose the rope snapped, for the third time he dropped loose “set the poor wretch free”, the governor cried “where man has failed let god decide” the crowd they cheered for the man they couldn't hang
angel in reverse somewhere close to nowhere - down a track they call a highway where the dust can nearly blind you - and the silence leaves you deaf an old shed does for a hotel - a few sheets of rusting iron no doors to shield the north wind - that blows hot as satan's breath she was sitting by the window - gazing at the sunset with a look that told of comfort - with her own company we shared a beer and conversation - guess she knew what i was thinking she said 'don't start seeing angels - you won't find one in me' chorus you can leave the world behind you think love will never find you fill your life with strangers it's both a blessing and a curse loneliness and drinking they can cloud your thinking you might find your angel, or an angel in reverse we lay there all night talking - about how the world was crazy but not one word or question - of what we'd done or where we'd been out here the past don't matter - no-one talks about it that way you can't be burdened - with what you don't know to begin the firelight was dying - as the sun rose on the desert i scratched around for words - i thought might make her want to stay she said a heart's too easily broken - by words too easily spoken what's promised in a moment - can haunt you all your days
once we were kings of the world a car hit a tree, was all the paper said gave a name and precious little more a number in a box, at the foot of the page like they were giving a football score been a while since we’d last spoken always something seemed to get in the way we used to think we’d live forever even forever ends some day we used to play on the cliffs by the water looked up through the clouds to mystical lands we sailed our dreams to the end of the rainbow together - we held the gold in our hands together, once we were kings of the world took a walk around our old neighbourhood there’s nothing much left to see a new housing estate filled with luxury cars on the site of the old factory all that we knew is long gone now things change and i don’t mind it just seems strange things that once meant so much can disappear and leave not a trace behind we used to play on the cliffs by the water looked up through the clouds to mystical lands we sailed our dreams to the end of the rainbow together - we held the gold in our hands we stood with the gods and looked out from their mountain together we pulled the sword from the stone we ran with the devil and we soared with the angels together, we’d never have done it alone together, once we were kings of the world
jesus of hollywood the messiah had returned was the word out on the street it swept across the city like a flood he was fair, blue eyes, he was tall and he was handsome not a hint of jewish blood first on his list, was to find a publicist she told him “jesus of nazareth sounds no good” she pondered for a while, then gave a clever little smile we’ll call you jesus of hollywood the studio heads, like the wise men of old said “we think this boy is worth a look” there’s sex and corruption and they loved the violent ending it cost nothing for the rights to the book that movie was a smash, pulled two billion dollars cash that’s more than even swartzeneger could a new chapter had begun for the prodigal son jesus of hollywood jesus had a manager, judas was his name and he knew he had to make his money fast like superman, gilligan and luke skywalker it’s all over once you’ve been typecast they did “jesus does jerusalem” and “jesus rides again” signed him up for everything they could aftershave called “divine” and a range of alter wine by jesus of hollywood next they filmed a thriller, “jesus meets godzilla” but box office sales began to slow they were even less enamoured, with “jesus meets mohamed” that dud went straight to video jesus said “i don’t care, i’ve still got things to share about sister and brotherhood” but the only work he had, was a television ad jesus of hollywood the press began to skirt, they were hungry for some dirt there were rumours he’d been indiscreet his parentage was shonky, and he liked to ride a donkey and a fetish for anointing people’s feet he had communistic roots and hung with prostitutes ran around the place like robin hood they said “when this hits the news they’ll think he’s stranger than tom cruise jesus of hollywood judas he was cunning, he hit the ground running he gladly sold out jesus to the press critics love to ruin lives, they were waiting with their knives when they smell blood, they’re merciless even walking on water couldn’t save him from the slaughter no-one cared he’d been misunderstood before the ink had dried, they had him judged and crucified jesus of hollywood jesus he was reeling, judas said “no hard feelings i’m just trying to keep my family off the dole” jesus eyes they burned, he said “judas i’m concerned” “it’s not about the money but your soul” judas went to speak but jesus kissed him on the cheek “i forgive you son, no-one else here would” “if you think a little scandal’s, to hot for me to handle” you don’t know jesus of hollywood careers they can falter, just look at john travolta then years later magically revive stars you thought were dead, come back to life instead unless they’re female and they’re over thirty five jesus said “i’m well connected, i’ll be resurrected round here they protect their livelihood” “you can take my name in vain but i will rise again” jesus of hollywood with that he disappeared, was he dead as many feared or lying low away from sunset strip there were sightings in hong kong, peru and lebanon and on the set of a madonna music clip with elvis rolling dice, in a club called paradise others say this time he’s gone for good but they believe in tinsel town, he’ll be back to claim his crown jesus of hollywood
long way from home 1 there's a saying they have in the town i come from “a train always follows it's tracks” trust they hold with virginity once you've lost it you can't get it back i've made some mistakes, i'm the first to admit and god knows they won't be the last i could have stayed in that town till jesus returned and still not break free of my past i recall my first views of the city the postcards my grandmother framed after two years living out there on the streets i can tell you it's not all it's claimed too many live without hope or respect hell they don't even know what it means some don't care if they live or they die and they're only just into their teens lived for a while with my sister it began as i stepped from the train three months preaching what i already knew and didn't need reminding again i'll always live with the things i have done but sometimes you tire of that weight all her words spoken with love and concern sometimes love does more damage than hate i'm heading northwards next winter i'm told you'll find work if you’re keen too busy working out where i’m going too worry about where i've been a girl i know moved there last christmas maybe i’ll give her a ring if i never set foot in this city again i won't feel i'm missing a thing let the wind blow me and carry me slowly i’m breaking free of this trap this city's a long way from where i come from much further than it shows on the map
Next To Fall 04:43
next to fall heard you were back in town - round the usual traps thought you might have been in touch – next time perhaps i’m told you’re looking tired - darling aren’t we all there’s a whisper - you could be the next to fall you told me once that moving round - was an aphrodisiac the thrill of leaving - fed the joy of coming back you never stopped believing - just sometimes you’d stall now i’m hearing - you could be the next to fall winter’s blown in early - gets colder every year everybody sends their love - nothing’s changed round here they said to say your picture - is still hanging on the wall now they’re hearing you could be the next to fall no-one could keep up with you - when you were on a roll you took your chances - your chances took their toll doesn’t make it easier - at least it was your call now i’m hearing - you could be the next to fall i’ll grab that whiskey - i’ve been saving on the shelf thank you for the kindnesses - you could not show yourself here’s to all the good times - and the one’s we can’t recall i think you always knew - you could be the next to fall
king of the single's bars i've been sitting here watching you what you drink, how you’re dressed, the way you walk you can throw me any line you like actions speak louder than talk i know you're looking for something or you wouldn't have walked through the door maybe a dance or a few compliments maybe a whole lot more everyone wants to be flattered just got to know how to sell i'm good at massaging egos and a few other things as well out on the streets i don't mean a thing but down here at night i'm a king i come out with the stars i'm the king of the singles bars i've been laughed at and spat on had drinks thrown back in my face i've been knocked back more times than the pope's said grace my feelings are armour plated nothing can't dent my pride for every woman who knocks me back there's a hundred i haven't tried lonely hearts and party girls wall flowers and flirts housewives from the suburbs sick of making beds and ironing shirts some come to play, some for romance each has a reason, and each one’s a chance i come out with the stars i'm the king of the singles bars i'm no valentino i'm no great catch i dress like a used car salesman i’ve got the tongue to match if you're hoping for a movie star well it's time to cover your bets take a look around this dump baby i'm as good as it gets the tank's full and the engines running times ticking down on the clock don't wanna drive onto the sunset darling just once round the block you could do better and maybe you will but i love the chase as much as the kill i come out with the stars i'm the king of the singles bars
another man’s name working the mines in the north country i never knew trouble, it never knew me till i found a body by the back of my claim deep in debt, i was a desperate man what i did next, i hadn’t planned i took his wallet and i took his name his purse of gold, was no use to him where i stood that made me next of kin chorus the sun comes up, the sun goes down i see no shadow and i hear no sound i’m lying six foot down cause i took another man’s name bought a horse and i headed west a fancy suit - a silk vest i looked pretty good for a man who was dead troopers bailed me - i had nothing to hide took my papers - seemed satisfied next thing i felt was a gun at my head wanted for murder, the man who’s name i bore robbed a bank, left three dead on the floor i told the truth - they only laughed i threw the body down an old mine shaft knew i was dead before the trial had begun my innocence was a hopeless task though the killer he wore a mask ten men swore on the bible i was the one i wore the noose for someone else’s crime first man to die a second time
the hour before dawn adventure we thought when we answered the drum not the journey to hell shortly to come how proudly we marched in the king’s uniform we sailed on the tide the hour before dawn colours were raised and banners unfurled vainglorious shrines to the sins of the world how we long for our families from whom we are torn never so much as the hour before dawn both the living and dead share the mud of this trench no words can been penned for the horror and stench what god allows evil like this to be spawned still i pray for my life the hour before dawn a young british corporal deserted his gun two years in this war and not yet twenty one they called him a coward and held him to scorn then shot the poor bastard the hour before dawn come light i will kill as many i can the same flesh as me no different a man tell me who is the righteous and who is the pawn what difference it makes the hour before dawn should i make it home to the loved ones i yearn the boy they farewelled, he can never return he was lost on these fields with the thousands we mourn another who fell the hour before dawn when you tell of our courage and the hardship we faced speak first and speak loud of the terrible waste pass down our stories to those not yet born pray they be spared the hour before dawn there’s no glory here, the hour before dawn


Twelve evocative songs from Ian Bland's repertoire emerge from this much anticipated new CD; and it’s been worth the wait.

The rich and varied collection of themes includes a sprinkling of murder ballads such as “The Man They Couldn’t Hang”, lands gently on the joyful “Bella and Charlie”, loops through to the light-hearted “My Father’s Ashes”, careens off the epic “Jesus of Hollywood” and concludes with the poignant “The hour Before Dawn”.

All this and much more, delivered with the assistance of the very talented Lamington Drive Orchestra and some special guests


released September 7, 2012

Ian Bland Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

The Lamington Drive Orchestra
Ed Bates - Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Electric Guitar
Greg Hunt - Violin, Viola, Cello & Mandolin
Pete Anderson - Accordion
Alan Brooker - Bass Guitar
Mark Stanley - Drums & Percussion

Additional musicians

Simon Imrei - Piano & Keyboards (1,3,5,6,8,11)
Robbie Melville - Electric Guitar (1,2,3,5,6)
Julie Buxton - Vocals (1,3,5,6,9)
Lucy Anne Sale - Vocals (2,5,11)
Wes Finch - Vocals (11)
Peter Hayes - Vocals (11)

Engineered by Mark Stanley at Red Room Records
Melbourne Australia

Lucy Anne Sale and Wes Finch recorded by Drew Coleman
Coventry UK

Mastered by David Odlum at Studio Black Box France

String arrangements Greg Hunt

Cover layout - Jools Thatcher
Website, internet and all the black arts Pretentia.com

Thanks to Thatch & Jools @ pretentia.com

For Nic

© 2012 Ian Bland


all rights reserved



Ian Bland Melbourne, Australia

Ian Bland - Melbourne based singer songwriter - musical influences include country, celtic, and folk with stories drawn from rural and urban Australia

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